TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol


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در شبکه های TCP / IP دو سیستم برای برقراری ارتباط  چهار مرحله زیر را که در قسمت Communication  مشاهده می کنید  را انجام می دهند . سیستم قبل از ارسال Packet این مراحل را بررسی می کند.

TCP/IP Communication

1. Resolves the host name or NetBIOS name to an IP address.

2. Using the destination IP address and the IP routing table, TCP/IP determines the interface to use and the forwarding IP address.

3. For unicast IP traffic on shared access technologies such as Ethernet, Token Ring, and Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI), ARP resolves the forwarding IP address to a MAC address.For multicast IP traffic on Ethernet and FDDI, the destination multicast IP address is mapped to the appropriate multicast MAC address. For multicast IP traffic on Token Ring, the functional address of 0xC0-00-00-04-00-00 is used. For broadcast traffic on shared access technologies, the MAC address is mapped to OxFF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF.

4. The IP datagram is sent to the MAC address resolved through ARP or through the multicast mapping.



Step 2

Introduction to TCP/IP

1. TCP/IP Protocol Suite

2. TCP/IP Protocol Architecture

3. IP Addressing

4. Name Resolution

5. IP Routing and Unicast Routing Principles

6. Physical Address Resolution


Step 3

Windows 2000 TCP/IP 

1. Overview of Windows 2000 TCP/IP

2. Architecture of Microsoft TCP/IP for Windows 2000

3. NDIS Interface and Below

4. Core Protocol Stack Components

5. Network Application Interfaces

6. Client Services and Components





Error 53

Cannot Connect to Remote Systems Using Host Name

Test IP-to-MAC Address Resolution with ARP

Cannot Connect to a Specific Server

Removing and Reinstalling TCP/IP



TCP/IP Commands

Nslookup  Nslookup is a useful tool for troubleshooting DNS problems, such as host name resolution.


Ping   Ping is the primary tool for troubleshooting IP-level connectivity.


Pathping  The PathPing tool is a route tracing tool that combines features of Ping and Tracert with additional information that neither of those tools provides.


Nbtstat  Nbtstat is designed to help troubleshoot NetBIOS name resolution problems.


Netstat  Netstat displays protocol statistics and current TCP/IP connections.


Ipconfig  IPConfig is a command-line tool that displays the current configuration of the installed IP stack on a networked computer.

TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

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