You can manually enable or disable aging and scavenging on a per-server, per-zone, or per-record basis. You can also enable aging for sets of records by using the command line tool Dnscmd.exe. (For information about Dnscmd.exe, see Windows 2000 Support Tools Help. For information about installing and using the Windows 2000 Support Tools and Support Tools Help, see the file Sreadme.doc in the directory \Support\Tools on the Windows 2000 operating system CD.) Keep in mind that if you enable scavenging on a record that is not a dynamic update record, the record will be deleted if it is not periodically refreshed, and you must recreate the record if it is still needed.

If scavenging is disabled on a standard zone and you enable scavenging, the server does not scavenge records that existed before you enabled scavenging. The server does not scavenge those records even if you convert the zone to an Active Directory–integrated zone first. To enable scavenging of such records, use the AgeAllRecords in Dnscmd.exe.