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Damon Mohammadbagher , I am Network Penetration Tester (Security Researcher) and Microsoft Network/Security Admin at the same time. My primary goal is to make better security for your company and network administration together.I have experiences about MCSE more than 13 years also since 2011 until now I have gained some experiences in Penetration Test which able me to teach to your network administrators.I have performed System Penetration Test as well as teaching Pentest courses .More over I have experiences in programming with C#.NET since 2005 until now also I made these tools and Backdoors for Bypassing Anti-viruses like :

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      Meterpreter_Payload_Detection: IPS-IDS & Forensics tool.

      NativePayload_DNS: Transferring Backdoor Payloads by DNS (PTR records).

      NativePayload_IP6DNS: Transferring Backdoor Payloads by DNS (AAAA records).

      NativePayload_ARP: Transferring Backdoor Payloads by ARP Traffic.

      NativePayload_ICMP: Transferring Backdoor Payloads by ICMPv4 Traffic.

      NativePayload_BSSID: Transferring Backdoor Payloads with BSSID by Wireless Traffic.

      NativePayload_Image: Transferring Backdoor Payloads with BMP File Pixels.

      NativePayload_Reverse_tcp: Encryption Payloads , (link : http://www.virusradar.com/en/MSIL_Kryptik.HXX/detail ,Detection created : 2016-12-14).